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I can't play Space Marines no mo' ...

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

It is with great sadness and realization that i write this blog. I have come to the conclusion that in the 40K universe i cannot call upon the might of the Adeptus Astartes Marines... and here is the reason why.

See I'm an old school 40K player, i played every Edition out there and have seen the Necrons, Tau, sisters and many more make their debut in White Dwarf Magazine only too see them in all there glory at my local shop. However no matter the shine, the mechs, the we'll be back references it all fail to the might of the battle brethren Space Marines. I loved their lore, their Heroes...larger than life with stories to match. With incredible looking armor and of course the Tactical Dreadnought Armour or Terminators as we so lovingly call them were my all time favorites. Thick plated battle armor, meant to withstand any punishment. Fast forward to 8th Edition.

I recently lost a very bitter battle to my son. A very vicious player to say the least, a very competitive player it should be said. I think that's the biggest difference between the two of us, i still like to make stupid fun looks awesome story driving armies and he's like Metallica Kill Em All let Khorne take their skulls. During this recent battle in turn one alone i removed 1 full ten man squad, a ten man scout squad, 10 wounds from my Storm Raven (hard to hit my ass!!!!)

and 2 marines from my final gun line out there... i was pissed pulling those models off... genuinely my son. Mostly though....i was pissed at the Marines, i mean what the fuck!!!! Humanities greatest weapon and i'm pulling them off like they're IG?? The Tau never make me feel this way, the one time i played Eldar and Orcs i never felt this way... then it occurred to me...


I have become so involved in their stories, that i myself had become the ultimate fan boy of the Marines... I found myself in pain as a 3+ save constantly fail me, as i pulled DeathWatch hopefuls off by the dozen, god i named can't reuse names!!! can you tho??? STOP THE MADNESS!!!!! I couldn't... the only way to stop the madness was to stop playing the Space Marines...stop putting your favorite DnD character in Master Crafted Armour with a Storm Shield and Thunder Hammer....yes i really did put Whitewolf into the 40K universe and of course he failed his 3+ invun. save.... :(

So as i write this i also see that my inner fan boy will never really let me enjoy Space Marine's in this new edition and with the competitive lists out there. i am more suited to kick it with the Tau and talk about the no name fire warriors and countless Kroot we lost today...maybe converse on the many Drone deaths that came about... or maybe the near misses some of those Battle-suit pilots might have had while enjoying some Dark Eldar rum.. So i'll see you on the battle field fellow generals... only with Dark Eldar rum in my hand standing atop my Storm Surge with my middle finger flying screaming "for the greater good up in this bitch!!!!!!!"

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